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Built yard: Constr. Nav. & l'Industrielles de la Mediterranee, La Seyne

Built year: 1973

Bno: 1398

Brt: 34.241 Nrt: 20.654  Tdw: 41.256

LOA: 216,42  BR: 32,29  DR: 18,42mtrs

Machinery: 7-cyl Sulzer by Cie de Constr. Mec. Sulzer, Nantes

BHK: 20.300


Photo: via shipowner

21.06.1973: Launched as DOVERTOWN for Universal Gas & Oil Co Inc. (Maritime Fruit Carriers Co Ltd.), Glasgow/ UK

06.06.1974: Completed as MALMROS MULTINA for Malros Rederi-AB., Trälleborg/ Sweden

00.11.1978: Sold to Northern Cold Storage (Transport) Ltd. (Malmros Rederi AB, Trälleborg), London/ UK

00.05.1979: Renamed MANDRILL

00.09.1980: Sold to Stena Shipping Line Ltd., Hamilton/ Bermuda. Renamed STENA OCEANICA

00.00.1980: Transferred to Northern Cold Storage (Transport) Ltd. (Stena Line AB., Gothenburg), London/ UK

00.00.1982: Triport Ferries (Managament) Ltd., London/ UK became managers

00.00.1983: Management taken over by Swedish Caledonian Marine Management Ltd., London/ UK

00.00.1986: Sold to Oceanica Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. (Austen Maritime Serices (Pte) Ltd.), Singapore

00.00.1987: New measurements: 33.535GT/ 10.171NT/ 40.604TDW

00.11.1988: purchased bu P/R Gasstransport (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo. reg in Norwegian Int'l Shipregister/ Oslo

17.04.1996: Taken over by Bergesen dy ASA., Oslo

27.04.2004: Arrived Jiangyin/ China for demolition



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