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1989 - 1995


Built yard: Sanoyas Corp., Mizushima

Built year: 1989

Bno: 1091

Brt: 36.549  Nrt: 23.729  Tdw: 70.321

LOA: 255,00  BR: 32,26  DR: 13,29mtrs

Machinery: 6-cyl Mitsubishi by Kobe Hatsudoki K.K., Kobe

BHK: 10.451


Foto: Tore Hettervik (

19.12.1988: Launched as MALAYA for Mabuhay Shipping, Panama. 
17.03.1989: Completed 
00.08.1989: Sold to K/S Havbør (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo. Flagged in NIS. Renamed HAVBØR.
00.11.1995: Sold to Tarang Shipping Services Ltd (Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd.), Monrovia, Liberia. Renamed ISPAT TARANG.
00.00.2002: Managers renamed The Anglo-Eastern Group, Monrovia.
18.04.2005: Renamed TARANG 
14.04.2008: Sold to Ross Bulk A/S, Oslo (Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, Hong Kong), Monrovia.
00.02.2013 Sold to Rongyi Shipping Co. Ltd (Hismar Maritime Co. Ltd), Panama. Renamed RONG YI.
01.05.2015: Arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh for demolition

07.05.2015: Demolition commenced

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