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1968 - 1975


Built yard: Uddevallavarvet A/B., Uddevalla/ Sweden

Built year: 1968

Bno: 218

Brt: 42.501  Nrt: 25.004 Tdw: 72.600

LOA: 800,0  BR: 105,9  DR: 45,8ft

Machinery: 9-cyl B&W by Eriksbergs Mek Verkstad A/B., Gothenburg

BHK: 18.900

Foto: Arne Gundersen

01.1968: Launched 

05.1968: Delivered 15.05 as HAVMØY for A/S Havbør (P. Meyer), Oslo.
06.1975: Sold to I/S Brali (A/S Bill), Oslo. Price paid: USD 6.500.000 Renamed BRALI.
07.1975: Laid up at Sunde and used as storage ship for Sør Norge Aluminium A/S, Husnes.
07.1977: Left Sunde. Laid up the same month at Holmestrand.
09.1978: Sold to Asian Liberty Shipping Inc. (L. Gill-Johannessen Management A/S, Oslo), Manila/ Philippines. Price: USD 3.500.000                                                  Renamed ASIAN LIBERTY.
05.1983: Laid up 03/05 at Manila.
08.1985: Arrived 23/08 at Iligan City/ Philippines for demolition

09.1985: Demolition commenced 06.09 by National Steel Corp.

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