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1950 - 1964


Built yard: Eriksbergs mek. Verkstad A/B., Gøteborg

Built year: 1950

bno: 394

Brt: 4.942  Nrt: 2.832 Tdw: 8.375

LOA: 434,9  BR: 58,1  DR: 25,11ft

Machinery: 7-cyl B&W from the shipbuilder

BHK: 5.650


03.1950: Delivered to A/S Havbør, A/S Meyers Tankrederi, A/S Havprins & A/S Havkong (P. Meyer), Oslo

09.1964: Sold to A/S Luksefjell and A/S Rudolf Olsen (Olsen & Ugelstad, Oslo. Renamed RUGDEFJELL

02.1966: Sold to Oranje Lijn Maat. Zeetransport (A. Veder N.V), Rotterdam/ Netherlands. Renamed PRINS PHILIPS WILLEM

00.1969: Sold to Glafki Shipping Co. SA (Blue Line Shipping Co. SA), Piraeus/ Greece. Renamed CAPETAN GIORGIS

00.1973: Sold to Blue Line Shipping Co. Ltd. (Mythikos Ploutos Shipping Co SA), Piraeus/ Greece

00.1976: Sold to Mythikos Ploutos Shipping Co SA (E. Maltezos). Piraeus/ Greece

08.1979: Arrived 23.08 at Kaoshiung to be scrapped by Tong Yung Copper & Iron Enterprises. 

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