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Built yard: Drammen Slip & Verksted, Drammen

Built year: 1982

Bno: 94

Brt: 8.311 Nrt: 4.505  Tdw: 11.772

LOA: 127,80 BR: 21,33  DR: 11,31mtrs

Machinery: 6-cyl Sulzer by Mitsubishi HI Ltd., Kobe/ Japan

BHK: 7.590


Photo: via shipowner

00.01.1982: Completed as HAVLYN for K/S A/S Havrim (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo

00.00.1982: TRansferred to K/S A/S Havlyn (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo

00.11.1985: Sold to A/S Li-Ship V., Oslo. Renamed SKAUGAS

00.02.1986: Transferred to Li-Ship V Inc. (Norwegian Ship Management A/S., Oslo), Monrovia/ Liberia

00.00.1987: Sold to Marksman Shipping INc. (Marinor Shipmanagement A/S., Greåker), Monrovia/ Liberia. Renamed MARKSMAN

00.00.1987: Sold to Marine Gas SA (Naftomar Shipping & Trading Co Ltd., Athens), Panama. Renamed GAZ VICTORY

00.11.1989: Sold to K/S Oslo Victory (Invest 2000), Oslo. renamed OSLO VICTORY. Reg in Norwegian Int'l Shipregister / Oslo

00.12.1989: Transferred to Oslo Victory II KS (Invest 2000 AS), Oslo

00.01.1990: Oslo Shipholding A/S became managers

00.03.1991: Renamed NORGAS VICTORY

00.06.1991: Sold to KS Oslo Victory (Pareto AS), Oslo

00.09.1991: V-Ships Norway A/S., Oslo became managers

00.06.1994: New measurements: 8.592BT/ 2.578NT/ 11.772TDW

00.04.2000: Norwegian Gas Carriers A/S., Oslo/ Monrovia became managers

00.00.2000: Norgas Carriers AS., Oslo/ Monrovia became managers

29.01.2007: Sold to Adrasea Nav. SA (Transgas Shipping Line, Lima), Panama. Renamed TRANSGAS I

00.00.2011: Sold to Greenville Services SA., Panama. Renamed PANAGION

00.00.2013: Owner became Chitre Maritime Servcies SA., Panama. Renamed NAJMA

00.00.2013: Areana Shipping Corp., Panama became managers. Renamed BUTANONE

00.00.2013: Owned by Sphinx Overseas Agencies SA., Panama. Renamed GSN UNITY

01.01.2015: Arrived at Alang/ India for demolition.

09.01.2105: Demolition commenced by Manohar SB



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