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1976 - 1985


Built yard: Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG., Kiel/ Germany

Built year: 1976

Bno: 85

Brt: 121.098  Nrt: 96.119 Tdw: 236.465

LOA: 1067,5  BR: 161,0  DR: 67,9ft

Machinery: 2 GE steamturbines by GE and AG Weser, Bremen

aHK: 32.000


Foto: DDGHansa

16.06.1976: Launched  for A/S Havdrott (P. Meyer), Oslo. Launched 16/06,

00.08.1976: Completed in August.
00.00.1977: A/S Havtor, Oslo became managers.
00.00.1980: Transferred to K/S A/S Havdrott (A/S Havtor management), Oslo.
00.03.1985: Sold to Cassiopeia Shipping Corporation (Bulk Transport Shipping Ltd, London, England), Nassau, Bahamas. Renamed BT PROMOTOR.
00.00.1986: Sold to Landersville Shipping Corporation (Thome Ship Management (Pte.) Ltd., Singapore) Nassau. Renamed CITRA AYU. Converted to                             FSU by Sembawang, Singapore for use on the Bima & Ardjuna oilfields/  Indonesia.
24.07.2000: Samudra Petrindo Asia, Jakarta became managers
04.04.2002: Equinox, Jakarta became managers
00.01.2004: Sold to China breakers for USD 12.000.000.

00.10.2004: Demolition commenced


Foto: Stadtsarchiv Kiel

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