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1959 - 1959

Havtor Management AS.jpg

Built yard: Kockums Mwek. Verkstad A/B., Malmø

Built year: 1946

Bno: 279

Brt: 10.477  Nrt: 6.260 Tdw: 16.225

LOA: 534,0  BR: 63,2  DR: 29,1ft

Machinery: 8-cyl MAN by the shipbuilder

BHK: 5.500



07.12..1945: Launched as SOYA II for Rederi-A/B Soya (Olof Wallenius), Stockholm.
30.03.1946: Completed 30/03.
00.04.1956: Sold in April to Rederi-A/B Pulp (Sven Salén A/B), Stockholm. Renamed AXEL SALÉN.
00.10.1956: Transferred in October to Salénrederiane (Sven Salén A/B), Stockholm.
00.09.1958: Transferred in September to Rederi-A/B Salénia (Sven Salén A/B), Stockholm. 
22.05.1959: Bought by A/S Havtor (P. Meyer), Oslo. Renamed HAVSKÅR. Price paid: NOK 12.000.000 
16.06.1959: Sold to Ångfartygs-A/B Alfa (Lundqvist-rederierna), Mariehamn, Finland. Renamed HAVSKAAR. Price paid: NOK 2.820.000
20.04.1965: Arrived at Helsingfors, Finland for demolition by Helsingin Romuliike.

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