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1973 - 1993


Built yard: Stocznia im Komuny Paryskiej, Gdynia/ Poland

Built year: 1973

Bno: B-523/11

Brt: 18.209  Nrt: 10.623 Tdw: 26.702

LOA: 535,5  BR: 85,1  DR: 36,1ft

Machinery: 6-cyl from H. Ceglieski ZPM., Poznan/ Poland

BHK: 12.000


02.02.1973: Launched for A/S Havtor (P. Meyer), Oslo. 02/02,

00.06.1973: Completed 
00.04.1980: Transferred to K/S A/S Havbulk (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo.
00.01.1983: Transferred to Havtroll Inc. (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo), Monrovia, Liberia.
00.01.1990: Registreted in Oslo- NIS (Norwegian INternational Shipregister)
00.04.1990: Transferred to Havkatt Corp. c/o De La Guardia, Panama (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo)
00.02.1993: Transferred to P/R Troll DA (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo),
00.06.1993: Sold to Roll Shipping Corp. (SMT Shipmanagement & Transport Ltd), Monrovia. Renamed TROLL.
00.00.1994: New tonnage: 26.307 tdw, 17.575 brt, 9.397 nrt.
23.08.2001: Arrived at Alang, India for demolition by Paras Steel.

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