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1973 - 1976


Built yard: Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG., Kiel/ Germany

Built year: 1973

Bno: 46

Brt: 125.972  Nrt: 97.407 Tdw: 231.045

LOA: 1075,3  BR: 161,0  DR: 67,3ft

Machinery: 2 steamturbines from GE built by AG Weser, Bremen

AHK: 30.000

Foto: via the shipowner

02.02.1973: Launched for A/S Havtor (P. Meyer), Oslo. Launched 02/02, completed in May.

00.05.1973: Completed
00.00.1976: Taken over by A/S Tankskip I by Fellesbanken, Oslo.
00.00.1976: Sold to Clan Shipping Co. (International Operations S. A., Athen, Greece), Monrovia, Liberia. Renamed WORLD RECOVERY.
00.00.1990: Taken over by Clan Shipping Co., Piraeus, Greece.
27.03.1994: Arrived at Gadani Beach, Pakistan for demolition


Foto: via Stadtarchiv Kiel

Foto shows HAVKONG under construction

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