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1979 - 1987/ 1987 - 1996


Built yard: Rosenberg Verft A/S., Stavanger

Built year: 1979

Bno: 204

Brt: 28.941  Nrt: 22.990  Tdw: 38.535

LOA: 206,31  BR: 31,44  DR: 11,32mtrs

Machinery: 6-cyl SUlzer by A/S Horten Verft, Horten/ Norway

BHK: 20.100



01.03.1977: Keel laid .
12.06.1978: Launched as CENTUM  for K/S A/S Centum (A/S Havtor), Oslo.
21.10.1978: Completed
00.04.1980: Havtor Management, Oslo became managers 
00.04.1985: Transferred  to Centum Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo), Singapore.
00.00.1987: Renamed HAVGLIMT.
22.03.1988: Hit by 2 rockets from Iranian gunboats 12miles off Dubai, UAE. Damaged and caught fire. 2 crewmembers lost their lives.

                     8 were injuried
00.09.1988: Transferred ito K/S A/S Centum (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo), Oslo. Registreted in Norwegian International Shipregister
00.04.1991: New tonnage : 38.535 tdw, 28.941 grt, 22.990 nrt.
00.04.1996: Sold to K/S A/S Centum (Bergesen dy ASA), Oslo

00.00.2006: Bergesen Worldwide Gas ASA became managers

16.04.2007: Managers renamed BW Gas ASA, Oslo
00.09.2008: Sold to Bangladesh breakers for USD 605/ton. Renamed LIM for transport. Registered in Funafuti, Tuvalu.
08.10.2008: Arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh for demolition

16.10.2008: Demolition commenced



Foto show the vessel as HAVGLIMT


Foto: Yvon Perchoc (

Foto show the vessel after the Iranian attack

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