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1965 - 1973


Built yard: Moss Værft & Dokk, Moss

Built year: 1965

Bno: 150

Brt: 8.996  Nrt: 4.151 Tdw: 11.355

LOA: 463,7  BR: 63,1  DR:31,2ft

Machinery: 7-cyl MAN by Kockums Mek. Verkstad A/B., Malmø

BHK: 8.400



31.05.1965: Launched as HAVGAS for A/S Kværner Brug (P. Meyer), Oslo. Launched 31/05,

25.11.1965: Completed. Price paid: NOK 37.995.240.
00.00.1966: Transferred to A/S International Gas Carriers (P. Meyer, A/S Kværner Brug and Hjalmar Bjørge), Oslo.
00.00.1973: Sold to Morland Shipping Co. (Houlder Bros. & Co.), London, England. Renamed JOULE.
00.00.1975: Transferred to Morland Shipping Co. & Midland Montague Leasing Ltd (Houlder Bros. & Co.), London.
00.00.1982: Furness Withy Shipping Ltd, London named as new managers
04.08.1984: Arrived Shanghai, China for demolition.

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