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Built yard: Stocznia im "Komuny Paryskiej", Gdynia/ Poland

Built year: 1972

Bno: B523/05

Brt: 18.051 Nrt: 10.076  Tdw: 27.258

LOA: 163,20  BR: 25,94  DR: 10,99mtrs

Machinery: 6-cylSulzer by H. Cegielski Z.P.M., Poznan/ Poland

BHK: 10.200


Photo: Jim Prentice

15.12.1971: Launched for H. Røed & Co., Tønsberg

10.04.1972: Completed as TRYM for I/S Trym (Peter Thorvildsen), Tønsberg

00.07.1986: Transferred to Trym Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. (Peter Thorvildsen), Tønsberg), Singapore

00.00.1987: Purchased by Havlom Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo), Singapore. Renamed HAVLOM

00.11.1988: Transferred to P/R Havlom (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo. Reg in Norwegian Int'l Shipregister

                     New measurements: 15.920BT/ 11.149NT/ 27.258TDW

28.12.1988: Sold to K/S Essi Anne (Bj. Ruud-Pedersen), Oslo. Renamed ESSI ANNE

01.01.1990: Company taken over by Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Oslo

17.06.1992: Sold to Sea Faith Maritime SA., Panama. Renamed IONIAN MASTER

20.12.1995: Taken in arrest in Chennai/ India

00.04.1996: Sold to Arctic Shipping /acc to Renamed IONIAN ASTER

00.08.1996: Demolition commenced at Sitalpur/ Bangladesh



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