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1953 - 1967


Built yard: Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstad A/B., Gothenburg

Built year: 1953

Bno: 437

Brt: 4.998  Nrt: 2.866 Tdw: 8.300

LOA: 433,2  BR: 56,6  DR: 25,11ft

Machinery: 7-cyl MAN by the shipbuilder

BHK: 5.160

Speed: 16,00


21.04.1953: Launched

00.06.1953: Completed. Price paid:  NOK 15.246.740.
14.06.1967: Sold  to Johs. Presthus Rederi-A/S (Johs. Presthus), Bergen. Renamed AUD PRESTHUS. Price paid: NOK 7.300.000 
00.07.1970: Owner became Arne Presthus Rederi-A/S (Arne Presthus), Bergen.
00.09.1973: Sold to Hoi Hoe Shipping Co. (Pte.) Ltd, Singapore. Renamed HOE SENG.
00.12.1975: Sold to Zea Silver Shipping Co. S.A. (Fairview Shipping Co. Ltd), Piraeus, Greece. Renamed ZEA SILVER.
00.00.1980: Zea Silver Shipping Co., Piraeus became managers. Renamed PANOS.
00.02.1981: Sold to Kotinos Shipping Co. S.A. (Fairmar Co.S.A.), Piraeus. Renamed KOTINOS.
00.06.1981: Sold to Intra Sky Shipping Ltd (Intercon Transport Management Ltd), Panama. Renamed INTRA SKY.
03.10.1981: Arrived at Darukhana, Bombay, India for demolition.
00.01.1982: Demolition commenced by Gupta Steel.

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