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1978 - 1995


Built yard: Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG., Kiel/ Germany

Built year: 1978

Bno: 111

Brt: 23.490  Nrt: 15.571  Tdw: 40.300

LOA: 589,3  BR: 95,1  DR: 39,0ft

Machinery: 7-cyl MAN by MAN AG., Augsburg

BHK: 13.324


Foto: Peter J, Fitzpatrick (

28.06.1977: Keel laid 
07.10.1977: Launched for A/S Havfugl (P. Meyer), Oslo. .
01.03.1978: Completed .
00.04.1980: Transferred to K/S A/S Havbulk (A/S Havtor management), Oslo.
00.07.1985: Transferred to Havbulk Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. (A/S Havtor management), Singapore.
00.12.1988: Transferred to K/S A/S Havbulk (A/S Havtor management), Oslo-NIS.
00.00.1994: New tonnage: 40.300 tdw, 23.584 grt. 13.095 nrt.
00.09.1995: Sold to Mulberry Marine Ltd, Monrovia, Liberia. Renamed ARISTOGENIS.
00.00.1996: Target Marine S. A., Monrovia took over as managers
00.00.1997: Sold to Target maritime Inc. (Target Marine S. A.), Monrovia. Renamed AMAZON.
00.00.2002: Sold to Aylesford Ltd., Kingston, Jamaica. Renamed LAMAZON.
00.04.2003: Registered in Panama. Renamed BULKSEA.
02.07.2003:Arrived at Alang, India for demolition

10.07.2003: Demolition commenced

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