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1949 - 1964


Built yard: Eriksbergs mek. Verkstad A/B., Gøteborg

Built year: 1949

Bno: 391

Brt: 4.944  Nrt: 2.834 Tdw: 8.375

LOA: 434,9  BR: 58,1  DR: 25,11ft

Machinery: 7-cyl B&W from the shipbuilder

BHK: 5.650


12.1949: Delivered 22.12 to A/S Havbør, A/S Havtor, A/S Havprins & A/S Havkong (P. Meyer), Oslo

11.1964: Sold to A/S Luksefjell & A/S Rudolf Olsen (Olsen & Ugelstad), Oslo. Renamed LUNDEFJELL

02.1970: Sold 21.02 to A/S Liv (Arne Østensjø A/S), Haugesund. Renamed PAX

02.1974: Heavily damaged by fire. On passage from Hsinkiang to Australia with genera cargo. Wrek stranded on a sandbank.

                Later broken up "in situ"

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