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1987 - 1996


Built yard: Moss Verft, Moss

Built year: 1973

Bno: 176

Brt: 27.310 Nrt: 16.688  Tdw: 21.693

LOA: 181,56  BR: 29,04  DR: 15,75mtrs

Machinery: 7-cyl by Gebr. Sulzer AG., Winterthur

BHK: 20.300


Photo: Unknown

03.12.1973: Completed as VENATOR for Smedvigs Tankrederi A/S (Peder Smedvig), Stavanger

00.00.1979: Manager renamed Peder Smedvig A/S., Stavanger

00.12.1984: Transferred to Vanda Shipping (Pte) Ltd. (Singa Ship Management (Pte) Ltd.), Singapore. Renamed VANDA

00.00.1987: purchased by Havfru Shipping (Pte) Ltd. (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo, Singapore. Renamed HAVFRU

00.00.1987: New measurements: 26.097GT/ 7.829NT/ 22.041TDW

00.01.1989: Transferred to P/R Havfru (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo. Reg in Norwegian int'l Shipregister

17.04.1996: taken over by P/R Havfru DA (Bergesen dy ASA), Oslo

00.02.2002: Transferred to P/R Century DA (Bergesen dy ASA), Oslo

00.00.2006: Management taken over by Bergesen Worldwide Gas ASA., Oslo

16.04.2007: Managementcompany renamed BW Gas ASA., Oslo

22.05.2008: Beached at Alang/ India for demolition



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