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Havtor Management AS.jpg

Built yard: Hellenic Shipyards, Skaramanga/ Greece

Built year: 1978

Bno: 1109

Brt: 19.264 Nrt: 13.689  Tdw: 26.937

LOA: 196,07 BR: 26,57  DR: 11,38mtrs

Machinery: 6-cyl Sulzer by H. Cegielski, Poznan/ Poland

BHK: 12.000



Originally ordered by I. Alexakis, New York/ USA

21.03.1978: Completed as APHRODITE for Olymbos Shipping Corp., Piraeus/ Greece

00.00.1985: Sold to Alpro Maritime Agencies Inc., Piraeus/ Greece

00.00.1986: Universal Glow INc., Piraeus/ Greece became managers

00.00.1987: Sold to Kamagong Shipping Corp., Panama. renamed KAMAGONG

00.00.1987: Sold to Phil-Kon Shipping Inc. (Patt, Manfield & Co. Ltd.), Manilla/ Philippines. Renamed MAHOGANY

00.00.1989: Sold to General Cruz Inc., Manilla/ Philippines. Renamed GENERAL CRUZ

00.00.1990: A/S Havtor Management became managers. Renamed WANI FOREST

00.03.1991: Sold to Cemre Deniz Ticaret ve Nakliyat AS., Istanbul/ Turkey. Renamed CEMRE II

00.00.2002: Sold to Goa Ltd., Kingstown/ St. Vincent/ Comores. Renamed GOA I

00.00.2003: Transferred to unknown flag

00.02.2005: Sold to Indian shipbreakers



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