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1986 - 1987/ 1987 - 1996


Built yard: Thyssen Nordseewerke Gmbh., Emden/ Germany

Built year: 1978

Bno: 461

Brt: 34.893 Nrt: 22.908  Tdw: 43.386

LOA: 291,51  BR: 28,58  DR: 11,80mtrs

Machinery: 6-cyl by MAN AG., Augsburg/ Germany

BHK: 19.924


Photo: Unknown

29.09.1978: Completed as GALCONDA for Orient Steam Navigation Co Ltd. (P&O Bulk Shipping Div.), London/ UK

00.00.1981: Management by P&O Deep Sea Cargo Div., London/ UK

00.00.1983: Management by P&O Bulk Shipping Div., London/ UK

03.05.1985: Management by Galconda Gas Carriers Ltd. (P&O Ship Management Ltd., London), Hamilton/ Bermuda

00.00.1986: Sold to A/S Havtor Management (P&O Ship Management Ltd., London), Hamilton/ Bermuda

23.01.1987: Transferred to Glenwood Co.Ltd. (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo), Hamilton/ Bermuda. Renamed HAVKONG

00.00.1988: New measurements: 34.577GT/ 10.373NT/ 43.386TDW

01.04.1994: Transferred to Ocean gas Ltd. (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo), Hamilton/ Bermuda

17.04.1996: Taken over by P/R Bergesen dy Shipping DA (Bergesen dy ASA), Hamilton/ Bermuda

08.04.1997: Regport changed to Nassau/ Bahamas

15.03.2001: Transferred to P/R Hekabe DA (Bergesen dy ASA), Oslo. Reg in Norwegian Int'l Shipregister

                     Some sources mention Acomarit  (UK) Ltd., London as managers

00.06.2004: Managing company renamed Bergesen Norway AS., Oslo

00.00.2005: V-Ships (UK) Ltd., Glasgow became managers

21.07.2008: BW Gas ASA became managers

00.10.2008: Managing company renamed BW Gas AS., Oslo

16.09.2009: Arrived Chittagong/ Bangladesh for scrapping


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