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Built yard: IHC Gusto NV, Schiedam/ Netherlands

Built year: 1973

Bno: CO 907

Brt: 10.374 Nrt: 5.079  Tdw: 7.317

LOA: 501,5 BR: 70,1  DR: 24,0ft

Machinery: 5 x 16cyl from SACM., Mulhouse & 4x EM

BHK: 6.000/ 17.000


Photo: H. Toenseth

00.11.1973: Completed as HAVDRILL for Nordic Offshore Drilling Co. (P. Meyer), Oslo

00.00.1976: Sold to Dome Petroleum Ltd. (Canadian Marine Drilling Co. Ltd., Calgary), Vancouver BC/ Canada. Renamed CANMAR EXPLORER II

00.00.1990: Sold to Amoco Canada Resourses Ltd. (Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd.), Vanvouver BC/ Canada

00.00.1994: Owners renamed Amoco Canada Petroleum Co. Ltd. (Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd.), Vanvouver BC/ Canada

01.09.1997: Sold to Merit Maritime Ltd., Oslo (Barber Ship Management Sendirian Berhad), Monrovia/ Liberia. Renamed EXPLORER III

01.09.1998: Management by Northern Offshore ASA., Oslo/ Monrovia. Renamed NORTHERN EXPLORER III

00.00.2000: Manager renamed Northern Offshore Management A/S., Oslo/ Monrovia

11.07.2005: Sold to Neptune Marine Invest A/S., Bergen (Neptune Marine & Drilling (Pte) Ltd., Singapore), Kingstown, St. Vincent. 

                     Renamed NEPTUNE EXPLORER

28.07.2008: Registreted under Singapore-flag

28.07.2009: Transferred to Jasper Explorer (Pte.) Ltd. (Jasper Marine & Drilling (Pte.) Ltd), Singapore.

01.10.2010: Renamed JASPER EXPLORER

00.00.2018: Renamed PERPLEX . Ownership unknown

25.11.2018: Arrived Alang/ India for demolition

06.12.2018: Demolition commenced by Leela Ship Recycling



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