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Built yard: Moss-Rosenberg Verft, Moss/ Norway

Built year: 1976

Bno: 183

Brt: 9.375 Nrt: 4.712  Tdw: 11.420

LOA: 138,71  BR: 20,54  DR: 10,78mtrs

Machinery: 6-cyl Sulzer by Sulzer Bros Ltd., Winterthur

BHK: 9.900


Photo: Simonwp (

Photo shows the vessel in Hydroship-livery

00.05.1976: Completed as FERNBANK for P/R Fernbank (Fearnley & Eger A/S), Oslo

00.12.1977: Taken over by Moss-Rosen Verft A/S (Helge R. Myhre), Stavanger. renamed HELIOS

00.05.1979: Transferred to K/S A/S Helios (Helge R. Myhre), Stavanger

00.01.1980: Manager renamed Rederiet Helge R. Myhre A/S., Stavanger

00.00.1984: Sold to K/S Gass-Transport A/S (A/S Sigurd Sverdrup), Oslo. Renamed VIRA GAS

00.00.1984: Oslo Ship Management A/S became managers

00.00.1985: Taken over by K/S Gass-Transport A/S c/o Den Norske Amerikalinje A/S (Norwegian Ship Management A/S), Oslo

00.00.1987: Sold to Seafalcon BV (Holland Ship Management BV), Netherlands

00.00.1987: Purchased by K/S Nordgas, København (A/S Havtor Management). Reg in Norwegian Int'l Shipregister/ Oslo

00.00.1992: Management taken over by Hydroship A/S., Oslo

00.10.1994: Sold to P/R Clipper Victoria DA (Skibs-A/S Solvang), Stavanger. Renamed CLIPPER VICTORIA

00.05.2000: Manager renamed Solvang ASA., Stavanger

00.05.2008: Sold to United Eastern Trading (UK) Ltd., Belize. Renamed VICTORIA 1

23.06.2008: Demolition commenced at Alang/ India



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