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1981 - 1985

Athene 1974.JPG

Built yard: Kockums Mek. Verkstad A/B., Malmø/ sweden

Built year: 1974

Bno: 538

Brt: 125.910  Nrt: 107.855  Tdw: 256.050

LOA: 340,52  BR: 51,87  DR: 20,07mtrs

Machinery: 2 Stal-Laval steamturbines by the shipbuilder

SHK: 32.000


Foto: via the shipyard

Foto shows the vessel under J. Bang livery

08.12.1973: Launched as ATHENE for P/R Bang Tank (Jørgen Bang), Kristiansand. Launched 08/12.
00.01.1974: Delivered. Price paid: USD 38.000.000.
00.10.1978: P/R Bang Tank got in financial trouble and went bankrupt.  A/S Athene 2 ved Anders Jahre, Sandefjord as manager,) Kristiansand

                     became managers
00.00.1981: A/S Havtor Management, Oslo became manager.
00.08.1985: Soldto Norpol Enviromental Services A/S, Hvalstad, Oslo.
00.00.1986: Renamed AL OYOUN.
00.06.1986: Sold to Libcom International Ltd, George Town, Cayman Islands (Fred. Olsen & Co. A/S, Oslo), Monrovia, Liberia. Renamed KNOCK DOLIAN.
00.03.1987: Sold to Dorian Navigation Corp. (Marimpex Maineraloel – Handelsgesellschaft  M.b.H. & Co. K.G., Hamburg, Vest-Tyskland), Monrovia.                                  Renamed DORIAN.
00.11.1989: Sold to K/S Cotinga (Engas Ship Management A/S), Bergen. Renamed COTINGA.
00.00.1990: New tonnage: 260.147 tdw, 127.784 brt, 105.215 nrt.
00.00.1993: Sold to scrapping for USD 143/LDT. USD 4.758.000 total. 

09.01.1993: Arrived at Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China for demolition.

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