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1980 - 1990/ 1995-1996


Built yard: Moss Værft, Moss

Built year: 1974

Bno: 177

Brt: 27.132  Nrt: 17.014  Tdw: 22.100

LOA: 181,54  BR: 29,06  DR: 9,42mtrs

Machinery: 2 GE steamturbines by Kværner Brug A/S., Oslo

SHK: 19.600

Speed: 20,00


00.05.1973: Keel laid in May.
14.06.1974: Launched as LUCIAN for Rederi A/S Trajan (Hilmar Reksten, Fjøsanger), Bergen.

00.11.1974: Delivered
00.06.1977: Laid up at Hanøytangen, Askøy 

00.00.1978: Management taken over by Johan Reksten, Bergen
00.00.1979: Transferred to Rederi-A/S Lucian (Johan Reksten Rederi A/S), Bergen.
00.10.1979: Left Hanøytangen
00.00.1980: Purchased by A/S Shipgas (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo. Renamed CENTURY.

00.00.1980: Converted to motor vessel. Installed: 7-cyl Sulzer/ 16.800 BHP Built by Sulzer Bros. Ltd, Winterthur, Switzerland.
00.10.1986: Transferred to Centennial Shipping (Pte.) Ltd (A/S Havtor Management, Oslo), Singapore.

00.00.1986: New tonnage: 26.097brt/ 7.829nrt/ 22.036tdw
00.01.1989: Transferred in January to K/S A/S Century (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo. Registered in Oslo under NIS-flag
00.12.1990: Rederiet Helge R. Myhre A/S, Oslo took over as managers
00.03.1992: Taken over by P/R Century DA (Kværner Shipping A/S, Skøyen), Oslo.
00.01.1996: Transferred to A/S Havtor Management, Oslo
00.06.1996: Sold to P/R Century DA (Bergesen dy ASA), Oslo.
00.06.2004: Managers renamed Bergesen Norway A/S, Oslo.
10.10.2005: Managers renamed Bergesen World Wide Gas ASA, Oslo .
16.04.2007: Managers renamed BW Gas ASA, Oslo 
18.02.2008: Sold to Autumngas Enterprises Ltd (Swiss Marine Inc., Athen, Greece), Valletta, Malta. Renamed LNG CENTURY.
00.00.2008: Sold for demolition in Bangladesh for USD 650 per LDT.
06.11.2008: Arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh for demolition

16.11.2008: Demolition commenced

01.12.2008: Demolition completed.

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