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1991 - 1996


Built yard: Jos L. Meyer, Papenburg/ Germany

Built year: 1977

Bno: 579

Brt: 9.060  Nrt: 5.479  Tdw: 9.539

LOA: 139,66  BR: 20,53  DR: 8,21mtrs

Machinery: 6-cyl B&W by Stocznia Gdanska., Gdansk

BHK: 8.940


Foto: Pieter Melissen

19.03.1977: Launched as ROBIN TRANSOCEANIC IV for USSR-Latvian Shipping Co., Ventspils, Latvia, USSR.
24.05.1977: Completed as DUBULTY.
00.00.1990: Sold to to Dubulty Shipping Co. Ltd (USSR-Latvian Shipping Co., Ventspils, Latvia), Limassol, Cyprus.
00.02.1991: Sold in February to K/S Handygas (A/S Havtor Management), Oslo. Flagged under NIS. Renamed HAVBRIS.
00.00.1994: New tonnage: 9.539 tdw, 9.367 grt, 2.810 nrt.
17.04.1996: Bergesen Dy ASA took over as managers as Havtor merged with BDY
30.06.2003: Sold to Supragaz Shipping and Trading Co. S. A. (Naftomar Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd, Athen, Greece), Panama. Renamed GAZ CHANNEL.
13.10.2008: Sold to Sea Charm Shipping Inc., Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Renamed CHANNEL 
29.10.2008: Arrived at Alang India for demolition

06.11.2008: Demolition commenced

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